jeudi 5 mai 2011


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  1. Hello Bentleyfunk,

    I just discovered your blogs and am very impressed with the wealth of recordings. Any chance you could re-upload Lee Morris, "I Got Played On" from May 9, 2010? I have tried in vain to locate a copy of this rare album. I'm a Chicago Blues & Soul serious music collector (I once had a small record label, Mr. Blues in Chicago.) I really enjoyed Lee's other recordings, but have been very frustrated in finding the album "I Got Played On." I hope you will respond as I've tried several other people with no responses. I probably will send you the same message at your other sites to make sure you see my request. If you don't want to re-post, maybe you could send me a private link or the file as MP3 or even a CD-R trade? I do have many recordings you may be interested in if you want to do a trade. Please let me know something as I've really hit a dead end with this one. Hoping to at least receive a response.

    A music collector fanatic,
    Steve Wisner (